Anybody say juice?

Three liters of cold pressed organic juice. That’s all I’m consuming each day for three days. Why, you ask? Allow me to explain.

I’m doing a three-day cleanse. I got mine at the Cold Pressed Juicery. I come there quite often to get healthy and delicious foods, like juices, smoothies, smoothie bowls etc. I love the place so much that I also started working there. This cleanse consist of six 500 ml juices every day and five little shots. When I took the picture above I had already had one juice. Whoops, I guess I was hungry haha. There are some green juices, some fruity ones, others that are all veggies. It makes for a nice variety, because the combination of juices is different every day as well.

Right now, I’m on the second day of my cleanse and apart from feeling a little hungry and light-headed at times, it’s going great. I did have a little headache last night and I can’t wait to be eating again, but I think it’s worth it. The juices taste amazing and I’m excited for tomorrow, since apparently the third day is when you start to feel amazing and have lots of energy, whoop whoop!

The benefits of doing a cleanse are that your digestive system gets a chance to rest and by doing so, provide you with lots of energy, beautiful skin and hair and bright eyes. Because your liver doesn’t need to worry about what goes into your body during the cleanse, it can focus on other things.

Have you ever tried out a juice cleanse?



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